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12" - The DIESEL DOGS: "Antihumanism" - OUT NOW!!!

12" Red Vinyl
GHR-41: 12" The DIESEL DOGS "Antihumanism" (Includes CD)
Limited Edition handnumbered. 400 copies (vinyl + CD)
200 black vinyl > available at The Diesel Dogs live shows 
200 red vinyl > available through Ghost Highway Recordings mailorder.

THE DIESEL DOGS are back to present their new work, an extremist and "all-rockism" 12inch called: "Antihumanism". This is a very ambitious 6 track 12" E.P. in a limited edition on vinyl through the label Ghost Highway Recordings. With THE DIESEL DOGS return nuclear winter, electric class struggle, raw manifests in the name of Pete Townshend and David Foster Wallace, and the naivete of rock n 'roll seen as a counter-culture bomb.
This album was produced by Fernando Pardo (Corizonas, Sex Museum, Los Coronas) and mastered by Tom Baker (Nine Inch Nails, Alice Cooper, Monster Magnet, Beastie Boys). "Antihumanism" changes the game for the Dogs, bringing its proposal to the fragile limit where the most ambitious rock, and the smarter workin' class idealism cross their paths. Their songs are inspired by love, cruelty, fear, political deception, rock'n'roll daydream and many other concepts, adding their special talent playing real rock'n'roll...
They are inspired in the best qualities of Social Distortion, The Replacements or The Who to name some bands but definitely they sound like they want, hard, raw and intense.

Track list:

A side:
- The Ballad of France Telecom
- Art of War
- David Foster Wallace

B side:
- Stay Gold
- We Are All Miserable Together
- When America Became Our Destiny Life Turned Into Our Modern Great War

Release date: 22nd September 2012
Label Reference: GHR-41
Limited edition handnumbered: 200 copies black vinyl and 200 copies red vinyl.
Included CD and insert with lyrics
Artwork by: Jota from Yeah Design

Recorded by Anne at Geek Studios (Madrid) from January to March 2012
Produced and Mixed by Fernando Pardo
Mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Studios (Los Angeles, CA)

Javi Diesel: lead and backing vocals, leady and rhythm guitars
Peny Diesel: bass and backing vocals
Juan Marco: drums

Ricardo Abiega (backing vocals in B2)
Alberto Paulos Berges (cello arrangements on B3)

12" The DIESEL DOGS: Antihumanism

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