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New Vinyl Slices Available Right Now!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen...

We are very proud to announce the new vinyl slices available from Ghost Highway Recordings right now!!!

Orders and reservations here:

GHR-32: MARY'S KIDS - 7" EP (II)
- It's Gonna Be Alright / - Hightime
(Zero Boys) / - Limo Life (UK Subs) / - Dicks Hate The Police (The Dicks)
One new and unreleased track not available on the LP + 3 covers with Nicke Andersson (Imperial State Electric, Hellacopters) on bass.
200 copies transparent dark green vinyl, yellow cover - 7,5 Eur
200 copies black vinyl, clear cover - 6,5 Eur

50 copies special edition included with the LP "Say No"

Artwork by Mik Baro.

GHR-36: LP - MARY'S KIDS - "Say No!" (co-releasing with the german label No Balls Records)
Absolute masterpiece of an album which shows you the best way of scandinavian first class rock music. Fforget your whole collection and listen to these 14 tunes, you won't believe your ears !! feat. MARY ( ex-MENSEN ) on vocals & guitar, as well as 3 hot guys on bass, drums and lead guitar.
Beautiful Artwork by Nicke Andersson.
GHR editions:
50 copies in orange translucent vinyl + 7" EP(II) SOLD OUT!!!
150 copies on clear yellow vinyl - 15 Eur
one-sided 12" insert and a download card for free album-download in each sleeve.

- Don't Need Your Lovin' / - Gotta Find A New Love

Limited Edition handnumbered
150 copies white vinyl - 7 Eur
150 copies blue vinyl - 7 Eur
Artwork by John J. Macia and Jake Starr

After fronting Washington DC garage rockers Adam West for 17 years, titanium-throated mega-stud Jake Starr took a few years off to recharge his batteries. Now he's back with a band of brothers (and sister) alongside him to deliver the best in high-octane, garage rock-n-roll. With Sean Crowley (Hall Monitors) and Kathleen Wilson (Hall Monitors, Thee Lexington Arrows) on guitars and backing vox, Matt Sullivan (Hall Monitors) on bass, and Nathaniel Osgood (ex-Phobes) on drums, this swinging combo is the perfect mix of the Small Faces, Chocolate Watchband, Easybeats, Music Machine, and everything nice in 1966.

GHR-37: BLOODLIGHTS - 7" (co-releasing with the spanish label Lengua Armada Records)
- When Your Train Comes / - Gimme Blood

Two new, unreleased and exclusives tracks for this 7" from this Norway rockers with Captain Poon (exGluecifer)
100 copies red vinyl (red cover) - 7 Eur
300 copies black vinyl (purple cover) - 6 Eur
Limited Edition handnumbered
Artwork by Roberto Argüelles

Still Hot!!!

LP - MUNLET - 12 Eur
LP - The HIP PRIESTS (last copies) - 18 Eur
10" -  WALTER DANIELS & The GIBLETS - 10 Eur
(last copies) - 11 Eur
10" - The SCREAMIN' TARGETS - 11 Eur
7" - JEFF POPE - 6 Eur
7" - BORRACHO  (last copies) - 7,5 Eur
7" - The SEWERGROOVES - 7,5 Eur
7" - The TWISTAROOS (last copies) - 6,5 Eur
7" - MARGARET DOLL ROD / PLUTONIUN BABY (last copies) - 6,5 Eur
7" - DIGITAL LEATHER (last copies) - 7 Eur

Coming Very Soon:

GHR-34: JAKE STARR & The DELICIOUS FULLNESS - 7" (coreleasing with Strange Magic Records - USA)
- Satisfaction Guaranteed / - Go Your Way

Limited Edition handnumbered, available for European customers through Ghost Highway Recs. and for USA, Japan and Australian customers through Strange Magic Recs
150 copies purple vinyl - 7 Eur

150 copies pink vinyl - 7 Eur

Artwork by John J. Macia and Jake Starr

GHR-38: RED STRIKE -  10" - (co-releasing with Fanatic's Lodge Records - UK)
7 wild and rockin' tracks from this rock-hairy-swedish
320 copies
Artwork by Robin Gnista

Coming after Summer

7" split - SCOTT "DELUXE" DRAKE & The World's Strongest Men / The GEE STRINGS (two new tracks + two Little Richard covers)
and more surprises to be announced!!! Stay Tuned!!!

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martes, 15 de mayo de 2012


- When Your Train Comes
- Gimme Blood

Two exclusives tracks for this rockin' 7" !!!
Limited Edition handnumbered
300 copies black vinyl, purple cover >> 6 Eur
100 copies red vinyl, red cover >> 7 Eur
co-released with Lengua Armada Records (Spain)
Artwork by Roberto Argüelles