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IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC: "Pop War" (Psychout Records)

IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC are back with a new amazing album: “POP WAR” (Psychout Records). 

The album contains ten songs recorded in Gutterview Studios, Stockholm (SE).

Since the release of the self-titled debut album 2010, the band has logged most of the big festivals, played support to both Guns n' Roses and Kiss, toured in Sweden, Spain, Germany and also found time to release the E.P. "In Concert", containing studio versions of their live favorites.

The first single from IMPERIAL STATE ELECTRIC’s "Pop War" album contains the song “Sheltered In Sand” as the first taster. The B-side contains the exclusive track “Black Widow Blues”, which is a composition made by Townes Van Zandt.

Nicke Andersson - the architect, the blacksmith and the brain behind the Imperial State Electric - together with Datsuns Dolf de Borst on bass, Thomas Eriksson (ex-Captain Murphy) on drums and Tobias Egge of The Objects on guitar, has made this year’s best album.

End of story.


1. Uh Huh
2. Narrow Line
3. Can´t Seem To Shake It Of My Mind
4. Back To Main
5. Waltz For Vincent
6. Sheltered In The Sand
7. Empty Hands
8. Monarchy Madness
9. Deride And Conquer
10. Enough To Break Our Hearts


Nicke Andersson – Lead Vocals, Guitar
Tobias Egge,- Guitar, Vocals
Dolf De Borst – Bass. Vocals
Tomas Eriksson – Drums, Vocals


27th January: 7": "Sheltered In The Sand" / "Black Widow Blues" (Psychout Records)
9th March: LP: "Pop War" (Psychout Records)


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